Bartending Made Easy and Fun

Bartending Made Easy and Fun. Learn to make mixed drinks like your favorite bartender. This website has been designed to help the beginners who want to understand mixology and general bartending. You will also learn about liquors and their history. This site will give you an understanding of pricing ,beverage control, customer service, bar set up, cash handling, bar equipment, mixed drinks, bartender tools, garnishes, wine, and beer.Also,one of the largest collections of cocktails and mixed drink recipes.

Mixology is the skill of preparing cocktails, especially cocktails containing alcohol . You will compare our recipes to those from other sites or books and find a slight variation although the our recipes are most commonly accepted and used on a national basis by thousands of fine establishments, all of our recipes are designed to be cost efficient. The measurements on our site make delicious drinks and they allow the bar owner to make a fair profit. Most recipe books are made in conjunction with a liquor distiller who wants consumer to buy more of their liquor. By increasing the amount of liquor in their recipes they increase their profits.

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