Bar Magic Tricks

The term bar trick refers to all optical and magical illusions performed in bars, taverns or similar establishments. The performer is often the bartender, with the recipient or audience of the trick being a patron. A small wager, often the price of a drink, is sometimes made.

Usually, the patron is challenged to perform a task such as placing an olive into a wine glass without touching the olive, or rearranging stirring straws to make patterns. The bartender might claim to perform some feat, such as drinking three beers before the patron has drunk three shots.

In all bar tricks, the solution is obvious when the trick is performed, and the patron is able to replicate it with little subsequent practise.

Bar Magic/ Magic Videos

Alternating Shots # 1
Alternating Shots # 2
Bar Magic
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Sweet Bar Trick
The Bi Polar
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The Coin Direction
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Wine in to Glass

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