The Traveling Bartenders

Private Bartending Services………………………………………….

We are Alcohol experts who have a passion For Mixology………………………………………

*The Traveling Bartender Has been servicing the Hampton Roads Area for years.

*Hampton Roads #1 Private Bartenders

*We are Hospitality Experts with a passion for Social Events of all kinds!!!

When you hire a Bartender, we take care of everything!!!From details like your guest names and having their drinks ready when they walk up, to conversation with reserved guests. The Traveling Bartender has Bartenders who are always staying to date and keeping current on the newest drinks. We keep up the newest mixes and drinks, everything from Mango Mojitos, Grape Tootsie Pops, Popsicles, and Pomegranate lemonade.

Knowledge, Professionalism & Personality

Company Principles

The Traveling Bartender is built on three principles; Knowledge, Professionalism and Personality. Any bartender for hire without any one of these principles just isn’t a bartender you want bartending your party. When hiring a bartender you must choose a that is dependable, has a passion for mixology and helps bring the ‘party’ out of your guests and that’s us.


The Traveling Bartender will share with you our extensive knowledge of beer, wine and spirits. When you hire a bartender for a party, we will help in everything from suggestions for pairing wines with the food you are serving to reading your guest profile and suggesting drinks that are going to be a hit. Our bartenders for hire have a plethora of knowledge and Private Party Bartenders will use every resource we have to help make your party a huge success!


The Traveling Bartender truly enjoy what we do, which is Bartending. Bartending is an art. The innovative mixing, the proper presentation, the appropriate attitude and the high level socialism all ‘blend’ together to make The Traveling Bartender your best professional choice for hiring a bartending service!


A bartender’s job, socially, is all encompassing. There are guests who need conversation, guests who need a little extra attention and guests who want to be pulled out of sticky situations. When you hire a bartender for a party, we can tell who just wants someone to talk to even if it’s only to pass the time. Striking up conversation, making guests feel special and entertaining the crowd, whether it is with jokes or flair comes easily for The Traveling Bartender.

About Our Bartenders

Knowledge, Professionalism & Personality Our specialty is bartending and we do it to perfection! Whether you are looking to hire one bartender or many bartenders, whether it's your wedding or cocktail party, Private Party Bartending Services in Hampton Roads will provide you with the bartending services needed to make your event a night or day to remember. Bartenders on the Go , has professional Bartenders that are professionally trained and dedicated to providing you with the highest level of bartending services possible. Whether it's a small gathering of 50 people or a group of over 1,000 people Private Party Bartenders can service your event.

About Our Bartenders

Private Party Bartenders go above and beyond with services!

When you hire a bartender for your party here in Hampton Roads, you will have professionalism of our Bartenders shown through our reliability, integrity, and the pride we take in the work we do. Bartenders on the go will be early to each event to ensure that events run according to plan. Private Party Bartenders will not only follow through, but we will exceed expectations.

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