Anheuser-Busch Advertising

Prior to its acquisition by InBev, the company was known in the United States for its advertising presence, including a sports marketing division which creates advertising material for the Super Bowl and many other sporting events. Budweiser has sponsored horse racing events and motor sports including NASCAR and the "Budweiser King" championship top fuel dragster of Kenny Bernstein.

Busch television campaigns have included:

1. Clydesdales, used both at liberty and being driven in harness, such as:

2. The Budweiser Clydesdales pulling traditional beer wagons The traditional holiday spot featuring the Clydesdales pulling a sleigh through a snowy town, concluding with a closeup of a wreath on a door.

3. Clydesdales playing football (with a couple cowboys as the audience, and a zebra for a referee)

4. A donkey that thinks he's a horse and wants to be one of the Budweiser Clydesdales

5. A Clydesdale foal, who dreams of making the hitch, pretending to pull the beer wagon, which is secretly being pushed from behind by his Clydesdale parents.

6. Dalmatians, also associated with the traditional Budweiser Clydesdale iconography

7. The "Gimme a light" spots;

8. "You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay" (as referenced in Being There and The Simpsons)

9. Frogs saying "Bud-weis-er." The ad campaign later spawned additional characters: Louie and Frankie the chameleons and an inept ferret hit man.

10. The annual Bud Bowl.

11. The "Waazzzup" series.

12. The "Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius" series of humorous radio and television ads.

13. In the past they have marketed their beer through the name NASCAR Busch Series and on Darrell Waltrip's #11 Chevy Monte Carlo, Ricky Craven's #25 Chevy Monte Carlo (Then #50), Dale Earnhardt Jr's #8 Chevy Monte Carlo, and then passed on to Kasey Kahne's #9 Dodge Charger (Ford Fusion in 2010). Currently they sponsor Kevin Harvick's #29 Chevy Impala for the first 20 races of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season as well as numerous campaigns in the NHRA such as The Big Bud Shootout at the US Nationals and major sponsorship with Kenny Bernstein Racing

14. Bud Man is an advertising character for Budweiser beer. He is a superhero and appears on many products aimed at coeds on University campuses. He also inspired Duffman, a character on The Simpsons.

15. In the UK when Budweiser became the sponsor of the Premiership football league, a humorous series of ads involved the subsequent (fictional) 'Americanisation' of the game, including such ideas as giving the teams more exciting names (The Portsmouth Pirates) and the merging of longtime rival teams Manchester City and Manchester United into one Team Manchester, all with the tagline "you do the football, we'll do the beer". A-B is sponsor of the St Louis (formerly Busch) Soccer Club and, until 2009, owned the Anheuser-Busch Center in suburban Fenton. The latter has a 10,000-seat soccer park that hosts the Missouri state championships. The facilities are now owned and operated by the St. Louis Athletica women's professional soccer team. The professional team plays there, along with area club and high school teams.

16. Current television commercials use the slogan "King of Beers."

17. A widely-known "This Bud's for you" ad campaign The company has long been known for its jingles. A few of them are:[citation needed]

18. "Here Comes the King" - heard annually over Christmas ads featuring Clydesdales

19. "When You Say Budweiser, You've Said It All" "Cub Fan, Bud Man" - a Blues Brothers homage (based on their version of "Soul Man") done by Harry Caray for WGN-TV broadcasts of Chicago Cubs games

20. "There Is a Tavern in the Town" - old song with wording changes including "Busch" instead of "wine"

21. "Under the Anheuser Bush" (an early 1900s popular recording) Since the acquisition by InBev, significant changes in advertising plans have been rolled out, predicated on the belief that "changing demographics and media habits no longer require spending as much on mainstream sports events"

22. A-B is cutting its television advertising budget for the U.S. broadcast of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics and "won't seek to be the exclusive beer advertiser" for those eventsdropping Omnicom Group's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and other advertising agencies "responsible for some of its best-known past ads"paying by the project rather than an annual lump sumreducing the annual number of new advertisements from 100 to 50-60

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