Liquor in Armenia 

Armenia is considered to be the origin of wine-making. According to the bible, Noah planted a vineyard on Mount Ararat when the flood waters parted, and drank the wine produced from the grapes and became drunk from it.

But as far as proven history goes, the oldest wine  cellar in the world was located in the Varyots OzoR region of Armenia, in the cave Areni. The wine cellar is estimated to be approximately 6,200 years old.

It is considered to be the earliest winemaking site ever to be excavated. Armenia has been called in historical writings “the land of the vineyards” and supplied wine to many of its neighbors in ancient history.

On the walls of Persepolis, an ancient Iranian city, a monument has survived which depicts an Armenian delegation bringing vessels of wine to the Achaemenid king. Many Armenians continue to make homemade wine today with homegrown grapes.