Beer Breweries

For most of its history, beer was produced at home. The advent of the brewery revolutionized beer culture and helped expand and develop new beer producing methods. The first recorded instance of a bona fide brewery was the German Weihenstephan brewery, in Freising, Bavaria, way back in the year 1040. Today there are still some small beer breweries which employ beer-making methods similar to those used in the early years of the brewery, and there are also large hi-tech breweries, where the process of making beer is subdivided into several different highly mechanized steps. Each brewery has its own style, method and feel.

Visiting the places where beer gets made can be an incredibly rewarding experience for anyone, especially if you are a beer aficionado. So go out there and explore! Below, you will find a list of the best beer breweries in the world (most of which offer tours) and links to breweries’ websites so you can learn more about their beers and where to find them.


Anheuser- Busch Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

One Busch Place

Saint Louis MO 63118

Telephone: +1 314-577-2626

Hours: Tours offered daily.

Brewer: Doug Muhleman


Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus

Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus

Grafenhausen-Rothaus, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Rothaus 1

D-79865 Grafenhausen-Rothaus

Telephone: +49 (0)7748 / 522-0

Hours: Open daily at 10:00am.

Brewer: Max Sachs

Website: Rothaus

Website: Rothus

Hirschbräu Privatbrauerei Höss

Hirschbräu Privatbrauerei Höss

Sonthofen, Bayern, Germany

Grüntenstraße 7

D-87527 Sonthofen

Telephone: +49 (0)8321 / 6633-0

Hours: Tours Monday and Wednesday 9:30am or by appointment.

Brewer: Christian Kull

Website: Hirschbraeu

Website: Hirschbraeu

Søgaards Bryghus

Søgaards Bryghus

Aalborg, Denmark

C. W. Obels Plads 1 A

DK-9000 Aalborg

Telephone: +45 98 16 11 14

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 11:00am-11:00pm, Thursday 11:00am-

midnight, Friday-Saturday 10:00am-1:30am.

Brewer: Claus Søgaard, Christoph Bhenke, Kasper Malmberg

Website: Soegaards Bryghus

Website: Soegaards Bryghus

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