# of Players: 2-4. You can play by yourself if you're an alcoholic. If you want to play with more players just add more pieces.

The Game:

Candyland is an old time fav. For kids, but now it's for adults also. All you need is the actual Candyland Game, Players, and Alcohol.

Cards: Red: Make or Break a rule. Blue: All guys Drink. Yellow: Take a drink. Purple: All girls drink. Orange: Categories. Green: Bust a Rhyme. Doubles: Take two drinks and do that card color. The people: Down your beer. The Black Dots (Hot Spots): Pass out 3 drinks. Cheats (Slides or Rainbow): Waterfall.

How to play:

Pick a card, move your player, Do the drinking rule for that card, and have fun. The player who wins, makes everyone down their beers.

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