Captain Dickhead

To begin, you need a deck of playing cards, place the cards spread out in a cicle, but keep them touching, DON'T BREAK THE CIRCLE or you must drink. The first person picks a card, if it's red (up to 10) you have to drink that amount, if it's black (up to 10) you can give those away to anyone you like, if it's a Jack then you say a word, then everyone has to rhyme until someone screws up or repeats, then they have to drink, if it's a Queen then you can hold onto it until someone else draws a Queen and you may ask ANY question (even if it's in random conversation) if they answer, they must drink, if it's a King then you are Captain Dickhead and get to tell anyone to drink as often as you like, finally, if it's an Ace, you make up a rule that people have to do to do before you drink, if you don't say/do it, then they must begin their drinks all over. When the circle of cards is gone, the game is over and you'll definitely have a buzz going on.

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