Casa Dragones 

Casa Dragones is all about love. Love for Tequila, love for the craft and the love for the meticulous attention to detail that ensures the extraordinary sensory experience of the highest caliber. This independent, small-batch producer has the passion for creating exceptional sipping Tequilas renowned by Spirit aficionados everywhere. Each bottle is hand-signed and numbered, hallmarking their commitment to quality. The Casa Dragones Distillery sits in the highlands of Jalisco, surrounded by natural spring water and mature agave plants. We’re talking about the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, one of the richest soils on earth, where the agaves are left to mature for eight to twelve years. Only the very best plants are then hand-selected and used in the production process. Amen!

Casa Dragones Tequilas are manufactured in a thoroughly modern method which is supposed to eliminate impurities and harsh flavors. Instead of the conventional procedure of roasting and crushing the agave to extract the juices and sugars they send the raw agave to a diffusor which extracts the starches from the shredded agave by hot water. It is then distilled multiple times in a column-still after which it is filtered through a super sophisticated filtration system.

This method obviously works since it produces an extremely smooth taste on the palate, followed by an even softer finish. It’s so smooth that even Oprah called it dangerous. Named the “Best Blanco Tequila” by Epicurious, Casa Dragones Blanco is 100% Pure Blue Agave silver tequila. The innovative manufacturing process that focuses on purity allows for the true essence of agave to shine through. The end result is a compliment to the plant, the Jalisco surroundings and Tequila itself. Add a bit of that love we mentioned at the beginning of the story, and you have a winner on your hands - the crisp, smooth Spirit is perfect to enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. The hearts wants what it wants.

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