Circle Jerk

Set all the cards facedown in a circle. People playing pick up cards in turn. 1 is a thumb card; the person who picked it up can use it whenever h\she wants. A thumb card is simply used when the person who picked it up puts their finger on the table whenever they choose to. The last person playing to put their finger down has to drink. 2-5 card allows the person who picked this card to hand out drinks to people playing. 6 is a f*** you card. Last person to say F*** you has to drink. 7 is a rule card; the person can make up any rule that they want. 8 is bathroom card. No one is allowed to go to bathroom without one. 9 is a You F*** card. Same as 6 card. 10 is a chug card. Person who picked it starts chugging, then person to left starts and so on. Once the person who started stops, the person beside them can stop whenever they want and so on. Jack is a catagory card. Person who picked this card thinks of a catagory; can be anything (condoms, computers, etc.). The person who can't name something from that catagory has to drink. Queen is person to right drinks King is person who pulls the last King has to finish their drink.

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