Circle of death

2= You: You pick someone to drink 3= Me: You drink 4= Whores: Girls drink 5= Thumb Power: At any time player who drew card may put thumb on table, last person to do so drinks (player can do this at any time - this card stays in effect until someone else draws a 5 then the player who had the 5 originally no longer retains thumb power) 6= Dicks: Guys drink 7= Heaven Power: This card is similar to thumb power except you use your finger instead and point to heaven

8= Mate: Pick someone to drink with you 9= Bust a Rhyme: This can be tricky for beginners, player who drew card must say a word then it goes in a circle rhyming until someone doesn't say anything or doesn't rhyme the word 10= Spin: Spin an object the person it lands on has to drink Jack= Rule Card: Player who drew jack makes a rule that stays in effect for remainder of game, unless canceled by another jack (ex. Jill has to drink 2 beers every time someone says hi) Queen= Question: This is tough until you learn the rules, player who drew queen must ask a question to someone, in turn this person must not answer but ask someone else a question. this process is repeated until someone answers a question or doesn't say anything. If you mess up you drink King= Never Have I Ever: Player who drew king must say something they have never done, if anyone in the group has done that thing they must drink Ace= Waterfall: The player who drew ace must start drinking then in a circle like fashion everyone follows but the person to the left or right( however your circle is going) cant stop drinking till the person before them is done Joker= Go wild, everyone can do whatever they please ( ex. make someone drink, drink yourself, make a rule