Circle of Death


Players sit in a circle at a table. Shuffle cards and spread them out in a circle in the middle of the table. Place a beer in the center of the circle. Each player takes turns picking a card out of the circle. Each card has a different 'game.'

2) 2's for you. Player who picked the card points at another player and tells them to drink.

3) 3's for me. Player who picked the card must drink.

4) 4's for whores. All females at the table drink.

5) Never have I ever. Players place three fingers on the table. Player who picked the card starts out by saying "Never have I ever...(insert task)" Any player who has done it must put one finger down. The next player continues the play, with another "Never have I ever..." Play ends when one player has all three fingers off the table and must drink. Example: been to Canada, had a threesome, etc.

6) 6's for dick. All males at the table drink.

7) 7 heaven. All players must put their hands in the air. Last player to throw their arm up losses and must drink.

8) Rule. Player who picked the card must make up a rule for the remainder of the game. Example: "No one can go to the bathroom, Have to keep your hand on your drink, Must clap your hands before you drink." Any player to break the rule must drink. Previous rules can be cancelled out when another player gets an 8.

9) 9's Rhyme. Player who picked the card starts out with a word and the next player must rhyme it, until a player can't think of another rhyme and has to drink. Example: "Rat, cat, hat, bat, etc.."

10) Social. Everybody at the table drinks. Player who picked the card drinks twice.

Jack) Statement. Player who picks the card starts off a statement with one word. Next player must continue the statement, repeating the first word. First player to break the statement, forget the statement, or hesitate drinks. Example: "I, I had, I had a, I had a big, I had a big glass..."

Queen) Question. Player who picked the card starts off with a question directed to another player. The player must respond only in question form, but can direct their question to any other player. First player to hesitate, repeat a question, or respond in a statement must drink.

King) Category. Player who picked the card starts off by naming a category(car brands, make up brands, bands, etc.). Next player must continue by naming something in the category until one player hesitates and must drink.

Ace) Waterfall. All players start to drink at the same time. The player who picked the card is the only person allowed to stop drinking. Once this player stops, the player to his/her right can stop. All players must keep drinking until the player on their left has stopped.

If at any point the circle of cards is broken with a space between two cards, the player who breaks it must chug the beer in the middle of the circle!

Play continues until the deck is finished or everyone is too drunk to function. :)

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