Circle of Death 3

This is a game most fun, expecially with the best friends or random people. Reading the full rules might seem daunting but is surely worth it! Try it out, works best with about six or eight players and two decks. Its a shitfaced game surely. Have fun!!

Place a large jar in the middle of the table and spread the dark deck around it in a circle. More different drinks and more kings the more disgusting the central jug will get, and more excitement!! No one is allowed to leave the table before the game is finished. The punishment for failing in any part of the game is 5 sups (or anything else you want) Everyone picks a card in turn does action that is determined by the following rules:

Ace: Rule card. The person picking up the card must invent a new rule to the game. For example: anyone saying a number must drink the amount the number that is said, or everybody must drink with their wrong hand (right handed with left hand and lefties with the right hand), or everybody must say an aphorism before drinking. BUT! the rule is not allowed to discrimnate anybody and rules stack.

blacks 2 - 6: you drink the amount of sups the number tells you to

reds 2 - 6: you pick someone to drink the amount of sups the number tells to

7: You start a game of numbers. The first one starts by saying "one" the next one says "two" and so one. When it gets to person who should say a number including the number seven or a number that is divisible with the number seven, you should clap your hands and the direction is changed. The one who messes up the numbers or clapping fails(, and drinks the punishmet).

8: Category, you pick a category and everybody says a piece of that category in turn. If someone does not come up with nothing it's fail.

9: Thumb. This card can be saved and used at any time wanted. When the card is eventually used, everybody must put their thumbs on the table and the last one doing this fails.

10: Waterfall. The legendary Waterfall, starting with the player picking up the cards.

Jack: Pee, this card allows the person to take a leak, or a cigarette, or any break wanted.

Queen: Story, a story is generated by this card. The one picking up the card starts with a word, for example "once". The next one says all the words have said and adds a word "once in" and so on it goes "once in a", "once in a lifetime". The one who forgets the words before fails.

King: The person picking up the card pours an indefinate amount of his/her drink to the jar in the middle. The person picking up the last king must drink everything in the jar and the game ends and starts again.

Optional!!! TWO decks of cards, or more. The more the better. The thumb card can be replaced by a question card. Otherwise the same but you answer a question from someone, he/she got to answer like: Fuck you! or something like that. But not the right answer, otherwise drinkdrink! Best is to ask the question when the target is taking a pee or when least expecting. If he/she answers the question, fail.

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