Disaronno Recipes 

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Almond Latte 
Amaro Dolce 
Disaronno Alexander 
Disaronno Avalanche 
Disaronno and Coke 
Disaronno Choco Latte 
Disaronno Classico 
Disaronno Darkness 
Disaronno Ice 
Disaronno Sour 
Disaronno Splash 
Disaronno Style Star 
Disaronno Wedding Cake 
Downhill Racer 
Elixir of Love 
Everything's Peachy 
Fruit and Nut Choco Tini 
Italian Breeze 
Landslide Limestone Breeze 
Loch Almond 
Mocha Choca Lata Yaya 
Naughty But Nice 
Nutty Summer Martini 
Party at the Beach 
PS. I Love You 
Ritz Fizz 
Road Runner 
Screaming Orgasm 
Sixty Nine Sling 
Sparkling Hunt Punch 
Vanilla PIG 
Warped Willie 

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