Use of two or more decks is highly recommended.

The cards from 2 to 10 are valued at their face value.

Face cards are worth 10.

Aces are worth either 1 or 11, NEVER a 10 in any situations (you’re thinking Vietnamese style).

Dealer may choose to stand on soft 17s (Ace, 6) but must always stay on hard 17s (10, 7).

Deals passes to the left.

All cards are dealt up, even the dealers!

You may split any matching pair of cards or any 10-valued cards (J, Q).

If you split Aces, and draw a 10, the hand is treated as a normal 21.

The drinking rules are as the following:

- The winner of the round is the person with the closest value to 21 and not going over it, chooses who drink(s).

- If any player busts, they must drink and can still be chosen to drink by the winner of the round.

- If any player gets a Blackjack (10, Ace) everyone else must drink but the winner must be the dealer for the next round.

- If the player double downs and wins the round, then the winner can pick a person to drink twice or pick two people to drink but if they bust they must drink twice (the player can still be chosen to drink by the winner of the round).

- There can only be one winner of the round, if two or more players tie in value, including Blackjacks, they will draw an extra card and determine the winner by the cards highest value by including suites but the player that double downs always wins against the player(s) that build their values and a card draw is not required to determine a winner.

- If tied winning players both double downs, a card is drawn of highest value by including suites determines the winner of that round.

- If a player splits Aces, draws a 21, and wins but busts the other hand, the players must drink and choose a player to drink.

- If all players tie in value, all players must drink

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