Watch the Eurovision Song Contest on TV or video. Have one sip of your drink per successfully met condition:


Sing Speak in rhyme Gaze into each others eyes -- drain glass if they pash

Singers/Backup Singers

Wink at camera Drop to their knees Make a peace sign Sing in language other than English or native tongue (ie. Ukrainian sings Hasta La Vista) Wear a hat - drain glass if wearing horns Flick their hair - drain glass if bald Have a moustache - drain glass if female with moustache Show décolletage - drain glass if wearing a codpiece Rapping - drain glass!


Mime heavy guitar solo Play an 'ethnic' instrument Play piano while standing 'Ethnic' dancing - drain glass if Hip Hop dancing Pretend to fight - drain glass if martial arts Contortionist - drain glass!


Helicopter shots Sped up or slowed down film Any costume change Any key change Use of props (i.e. candles, ribbons, dummies) Use of fireworks - drain glass if singer catches fire UK gets no points - drain glass if UK catches fire Your country wins - drain glass! The game was created by and is copyright © Kim Beissel 2003

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