Explorer Vodka

Explorer Vodka is probably seen in many as a low budget product. No wonder, when the vodka was one of the ingredients of Christer Petterson's infamous drink of the same name. The other component was Baileys. But, according to many bartenders, Explorer is actually one of the best vodka breeds to mix drinks with. So you will not judge. There is an expression called "Half-bend and herself Cornelis Vreeswijk has written a blues about it. The term comes from the shop staff at Systembolaget. Because Vodka Explorer was a top seller, you saw that the product was close to hand. You completely placed the sonika bottles under the counter and then the staff just had to bend a little easy to access them. In other words, a semicircle. Seventy-five, the larger variant, was called full bow. Explorer Vodka is also manufactured by Vin & SpIrit and has an alcohol content of 37.5%. The brand was actually founded in 1958

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