Football Drinking Game

Football Drinking Game

During Game: 1 Drink: Win Coin Toss Lose Coin Toss Give up: A run of 10 yards A pass of 20 yards A sack/ or a tackle for a loss of 2-10 yards Making a field goal of 45 or more yards Missing a field goal of under 50 yards Penalty: 5-10 yard penalty- 1 drink 15+ yard penalty- 2 drinks

2 Drinks: Give up: A Touchdown Any Turnover

3 Drinks: On a 4th down situation the loser must take A touchdown of over 50 yards (If connected with turnover, you must take 5 drinks)

4 Drinks: Give up Any return for a touchdown (interception, fumble, punt and kick) Any reverse plan taken in for a touchdown (outside of 5 yards)

After Game: 1 Drink: Give up: A 100 yard Rusher A 300 Yard Passer 2 Sacks to one player

2 Drinks: Give up 30 or more points Drink if your kicker has more than 3 field goal attempts

3 Drinks: If your Punter has more than 4 Punts

4 Drinks: Lose Game (Cry into your vodka glass pussy) Win Game (Celebrate)

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