Ginebra San Miguel

The Ginebra San Miguel brand is the most well known brand. It’s the most selling gin brand in the world, although it is mainly sold in the Philippines. The Ginebra San Miguel brand even earned some monikers for their Gin products. The small round bottle is called “Bilog” (round) for its shape, and the bigger square shaped bottle is called “Kwadro Kantos” (Four Corners). GSM Blue is a variant of Ginebra San Miguel gin which is said to be smoother in taste. Gin Kapitan and London Gin brands are also sold in the market, but nowhere near the sales of Ginebra San Miguel. Gin has also come to be known as “Gin-Bulag” (Bulag is Tagalog for “blind”) since it is said that drinking too much Gin would make you go blind

From its humble beginnings in a small distillery in Manila, to becoming one of the country's most respected brands, Ginebra San Miguel has solidified itself as being integral to the history and culture of the Philippines, and the story of the Filipino people. Ginebra San Miguel Inc. is proud to continue this heritage, learning from their flagship brand's resilience, perseverance, its never-say-die –spirit, and its adherence to time-honoured traditions of excellence. GSMI is poised to take on the 21st century as a diverse, progressive, and constantly evolving company, bringing the heritage of almost two centuries of outstanding consumer products into the future. As its flagship brand Ginebra San Miguel celebrates over 180 years of embodying Filipino tastes and being part of traditions and celebrations, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. is proud to be an important part of the Filipino story

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