Hippocampus Vodka

Making vodka is a bit like crafting a pilsner in the world of beer… it’s about being very disciplined, technical and finessing a delicate taste. We wanted to make our vodka from “from the ground up” so we start with the grain to ensure the base wash was spot on before distilling. Based on the belief the better the input the better the output, we source the best wheat we can get our hands on. The 100% Australian wheat forms the vodka’s base ingredient and is a seriously good starting point for a truly clean and great tasting vodka.

The wheat is fermented in small batches with filtered water to create a “wash” that is as pure and flavourful as possible. The wash is then introduced to the still, and distilled through two 10 plate copper columns, which allows for lots of interaction with the copper (to remove impurities) while producing a spirit that is super smooth. After distillation only the best of the “heart” spirit is kept and the rest is discarded, including the heads and tails. Because only the heart is kept, there is no need to filter the spirit and this ensures that maximum character, a soft texture and the delicate flavour of the wheat is retained in the finished product. Finally, we blend the spirit with purified water, bottle by hand and left to rest before release. It is a labour intensive process, but one that we believe sets our product apart by allowing us maximum control over every aspect of the process.

It took almost 9 months of tinkering with the ingredients, recipe and distillation process to fine-tune our vodka. The result is rich, smooth and distinctly Australian vodka crafted from the ground up.

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