Jagermeister Recipes 


A Little Green Man From Mars 
All Night Hunter 
Aurburn Headbanger 
Beauty and the Beast 
Bitches From Hell 
Black and Gold 
Blond Headed Slut 
Body Bag 
Brain Eraser 2 
Burning Nazi 
Bull Blaster 
Chicken Drop 
Chuck Wagon 
Dizzy Damage 
Dirty Oatmeal 
Gorilla Fart 2 
Jager Drop 
Jager Bomb 
Jager Monster Shot 
Killer Bee  

Lay Down Shut Up 
Lewd Lewinsky 
Liquid Viagra 
Nazi Helmet 
Oil Slick 
Poison Milk 
Purple Nipple 
Rambo Shot 
Red Headed Pimp 
Screaming Nazi 
Screaming Nazi 2 
Sex On Acid 
Sex with an Alligator 

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