Jerry Springer Drinking Game

What you need: A group of more than four people. A shot glass per person. A quarter per person. An empty bowl or cup placed in center of table. And don't forget, all you need is a little Jerry.

Rules: Anytime you have had the problem the show is dealing with, chug a beer. (Done only once at beginning of show.) Whenever there is a beep (censored), take a shot of beer. When there's a fight, take a shot of beer, last person to slam down glass takes another shot. Whenever a person gets into another fight drink the number of fights they have been in. Whenever they show free tickets screen, last person to put their thumb on the table takes a shot of beer. Whenever someone says the title of the show (i.e. "I'm Cheating On You") take a shot of beer. During the final thought, whenever you are confused, take a shot of beer. Be honest. Whenever a guest comes out with a prop (i.e. flowers) take a shot of beer. Whenever the prop is used in a fight, take a shot of beer. Whenever they go to commercial break, last person to sink quarter in center cup takes 2 shots. Whenever the chair person fixes the chairs, everyone stands on their chair and screams, "I Love Jerry." Whenever Jerry makes fun of a guest, play musical chairs. Must go more than one seat away. Last person seated takes a shot. Whenever you see a bouncer wearing a pink shirt, pat your head and rub your tummy. Anytime an audience member tries to solve the problem, take a shot of beer. If someone's wig falls off, everyone checks to make sure they still have their hair. During the credits, if someone has a prepared rap/skit, last person to take a shot of beer has to repeat what was said.

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