The Best Jungle Juice 

Servings  40


10 apples, cubed10 oranges, sliced1 large watermelon, seeded and chopped

Liqueurs and Liquor

1 1/2 gallons vodka1/2 gallon white rum1 quart tequila1 quart triple sec1 quart peach schnapps

Fruit Juices

1/2 gallon tropical juice (any mixed fruit drink)1/2 gallon Hawaiian Punch1/2 gallon Sprite


1 bottle blue curaçao

Add the fruits to a 5-gallon cooler followed by the liquors and liqueurs, except for the blue curaçao. Let the fruits absorb the alcohol for 4 hours. Add the fruit juices. Stir the jungle juice while slowly pouring in the blue curaçao until you get your desired shade of blue.


Adding ice to the mix eventually waters down the jungle juice. Instead, keep ice nearby to add to individual serving glasses.Use a cooler with a lid and spout to reduce the chances of drink spiking.Plan ahead and let the jungle juice sit overnight before serving.

Mix the fruit and alcohol together and let set for 4 to 12 hours. Then add the fruit punch, sunny d, and orange juice concentrate in and let set overnight. Serve in cups.

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