Khortysta is for all of life’s defining moments. Our brand is the #1 best-selling vodka in Eastern Europe and the #3 best-selling vodka in the world. We invite you to taste a truly unique and exceptional vodka that is closely integrated with our Ukrainian heritage


The Khortytsa distillery was built from the ground up featuring a unique design on a carefully chosen piece of land. The distillery was named after the legendary island of Khortytsa, Ukraine’s natural and historical marvel.

IT ALL STARTS WITH THE WATER: Water affects vodka’s transparency, stability and taste. At the Khortytsa distillery, water passes through a reverse osmosis water treatment facility, silver and platinum filtration, a system of carbon filters and water structuring facility.

EXPERIENCE KHOR QUALITY: Our modern industrial and technological laboratory is responsible for ensuring compliance with all the technological modes of production, quality control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

                                            Khortysta Recipe

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