You need cards, beer and people. This game gets you moderately drunk. Start by giving everyone a beer, and put one in the center. Then scatter all the cards around the can in the middle face down. Then the game starts by one person taking a card. Each card has a meaning to it and the action must be done when it is drawn. The cards stand for: Ace - Make a rule (the person makes a rule. example: "can't say the word 'you'" when someone does they drink) 2 - you (the person who drew picks someone to drink) 3 - me (the person who drew it takes a drink) 4 - Whores (all the girls drink) 5 - Social (everyone takes a drink) 6 - Dicks (all the guys drink) 7 - Waterfall (Everyone starts drinking but they cant stop until the person before them does. The first person who can stop is the one who drew the 7... basically if you are before the person who drew it you are screwed) 8 - I have never (The person who drew the card says something they have never done and any one who has drinks. example: I have never rode a bike) 9 - Busta Rhyme (The person who drew it says a word and then everyone takes a turn to say a word that must rhyme. The first person to mess up or repeat a word drinks) 10 - Fuck You (The person who drew it says "Fuck You" and everyone has to say it after they do. The last person to say it has to drink.) J - Back (the person before you has to drink) Q - Categories (the person who draws it thinks of a category, example: "major league baseball teams" and everyone takes a turn and has to say something in the category whoever repeats one or can't think of one has to take a drink) K - As a king is drawn it is put on the can or under the tab of the can in the middle. Whoever puts the last king up has to drink that beer and the game is done. There are a lot of variations of rules for this game but these are my favorite!

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