Kings #2

full deck of cards shuffled and spread out around a cup face down. Go in circle and pick up cards one by one. Each card equals a factor..

A = you can make a rule (i.e. every time you cuss you have to drink) 2 - 4 = give out that many drinks 5 = last person to put hand in air like a high five has to drink 6 - 7 = 7 ahead and 6 behind ( the person either before you or after you has to drink) 8 = beerfall or social 9 = bust a rhyme... the person who picked card starts with a word and it goes around and you have to rhyme words or you drink 10 = last person to put thumb on table (you can substitute anything here) j = category.. same concept as rhyme but you make category (i.e. condoms... Trojan, lifestyles, etc) q = question bitch... he who answers the question bitches questions has to drink.... you lose your question bitch status when another queen is pulled k = pour a little of your drink into center cup... when 4th king is drawn you have to drink center cup and game is over

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