Men Dress to Impress

Just as ladies visit nightclubs with the objective of attracting a male partner, many men visit nightclubs with hopes of taking home a female counterpart at the end of the evening. To facilitate this task, club savvy men often employ dressy---and sometimes flashy---clothing designed to attract a lady's attention and convey a message of confidence. In most nightclub environments, dark wool, cotton or synthetic slacks mate well with a button up shirt. Gentlemen in nightclubs should use caution to distinguish between button-up shirts appropriate for nightclub wear and the dressier, somewhat stodgier button-up shirts intended for professional office wear. Club shirts are often somewhat flashier than professional wear and may have a sheen designed to reflect club lights, and generally come in colors that a professional would typically not wear in an office environment. In some circles, a polo shirt may be appropriate for nightclub wear and may be mated with dark or khaki-colored chino pants for a casual, relaxed appearance. Like ladies, gentlemen should avoid blue jeans and tee shirts for nightclub wear unless the club theme makes such attire relevant (country bars and western-themed nightclubs, for example, often see men in jeans, boots and western-themed button-up shirts).