Mexican Quarters

Supplies: People, beer (or anything you want to drink), and a quarter.

*If your not any good at 50/50 guesses, your gonna get tatored!*

Object: Everyone sits around a flat table, beers in hand. One person is given the quarter and he/she chooses one of the other players to challenge. He/she then spins the quarter and before it stops spinning, the person spinning the quarter must cover it with one hand. The chosen person then must guess if its Heads or Tails. If he/she gets it wrong, the spinner spins the quarter again and the chosen person must drink for as long as that quarter is spinning. The spinner then covers the quarter again before it stops spinning and the chosen person has to then guess again Heads or Tails. If he/she is wrong 3 times in a row, the spinner then must make a rule on that person. However, if he/she guesses it right on the first spin, then the quarter gets passed to that person and it starts again.

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