Modified rules to Mexican; but unlike Mexican, its got a Very High buzz factor. Supplies: beer, people, dice, and a cup that you can't see through. Choose someone to go first, and roll the dice, take a peek, and don't let anyone else see the roll. You can either tell the truth on what you rolled or lie about it. The bigger of the dies is tens, the smaller is ones. So, if you have 4 and 5, your hand is 54. 6 and 1 is 61 and so on. So hand 16 does not exist. You always have to roll, by truth or lie, better than the previous player. The hands are in numerical order with the following modifications (starting with the highest):

1-1 special 2-1 special

6-6 5-5 4-4 3-3 2-2 pairs are better than a mixed hand

6-5 6-4 6-3 6-2 6-1 5-4 ... 3-1

The next player decides whether he believes the roll or not. If he doesn't, he lifts the cup to check. If the truth was told, the person who questioned must drink (1/3 of a bottle/can is standard). If the liar is caught, the liar drinks. However, if the person chooses not to question the previous roll, he takes the dice (not looking at them) and rolls, continuing the game. If you roll (or lie) 1-1 (the highest roll), you may tell someone to drink. If the person believes, he drinks once and the next player continues. If the person wrongly accuses him of lying, and the 1-1 was true, he drinks twice. (Once for 1-1 and once for checking a true hand.) 2-1 (mexico) changes the direction of the game, and, of course, can be challenged. Basically, that's the game. There is, however, special sanctions in some cases:

- If you drop a die (and someone notices), drink once - in case of two dice, drink twice. If no one notices, continue normally. (If the following player believes your 5-4 with only one die, it really isn't your concern after that.) - If you roll, and one die escapes the cup, drink once - two dice, twice - If you break the cup, drink three bottles and fetch another cup. - If you lose a die, again three bottles. - If you say a lower hand than the previous, or say an unexisting hand (2-3 for example), and if someone notices, drink once. If no one notices, continue normally.

In all cases (except 1-1), when someone drinks, the player next to the drinker begins from zero.

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