Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

need: your fave drink (and I recommend having PLENTY of shots already lined up. esp for the Halloween song. (it's 30+ at least.)) I also recommend, having a paramedic stand by... I mean it will get you wasted REALLY quickly, and if you do the full version... well alcohol poisoning is not a fun thing! the movie "Nightmare before Christmas" Short Game: "Christmas" - Take a shot every time someone says the word "Christmas" (don't forget the song "Making Christmas") "Halloween" - every time you hear the word Halloween, in the the opening song "This is Halloween", take a shot. "Whats this?"- take a shot every time Jack says "Whats This?"

Take a double shot every time Sally runs away. Take a double shot every time Sally comes apart at the seams (literally) Take a shot every time a toy attacks someone. Take a shot every time the Mayor's head spins (take a shot every time the face changes)

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