This is a favorite drinking game, although it's often difficult to find people willing to play it. Mid level buzz factor. Basic supplies only: people and beer.

It starts with a room full of people, the more the merrier. The object is to ask a question when it is your turn, but this is much more difficult than it seems. The rules are:

1. Obviously, the infraction of any rule is punishable by a drink.

2. You can only ask one person one question at a time. a. The person who asks the question must address the person queried by name; no pointing. (newcomers to a crowd are allowed some leeway until they learn names.) b. The questions must be answerable by <> or <>. (This rule is optional, but be certain beforehand if it will be observed.)

3. The person asked the question must immediately ask another person a. Any hesitation, answering the question, laughing, or doing anything else besides asking somebody else a question is punishable by a drink. b. Asking a question back at the person who asked is punishable by a drink. c. Any question can be asked only once. Simply rephrasing somebody else's question is a cheat. A person who repeats a question must take a drink.

Other notes:

If the crowd cracks up (after, for example, a spectacularly personal question), a <> is called.

The best way to play is to keep a question or two rolling around in your head, to be spewed out after you are asked a question. Good questions are the innocent sounding ones: <> <> <>

The other best way to play is to get personal (the game usually descends to this level fairly quickly): <> <> <> <>

You can see the game demonstrated (after a fashion) in the tennis court scene in _Rosencrantz_and_Guilderstern_Are_Dead_.

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