Satan In Soiled BVD's On The Dancefloor In a Tijuana Nightclub
Scarlet O'Hare Shooter
Screaming Banshee Shooter
Screaming Orgasm Shooter
Sex on the Beach Shooter
Shit Show
Sicilian Kiss Shooter
Smirnoff and Cola
Smirnoff Classic Martini
Smirnoff Classic Martini
Smirnoff Dirty Martini
Smirnoff & Energy Drink
Smirnoff Lemonade (Blueberry)
Smirnoff Moscow Mule # 2
Smirnoff Moscow Mule
Smirnoff Snapple Spikage
S.O.B. Shooter
Southern Comfort Manhattan Martini Starburst 2
Stop Light Shooter
Sweet Tart Shooter

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