Sangria (Spanish: sangría; meaning "bloodletting") is a wine punch typical of Spain. It normally consists of:

a light, dry, young, acidic, unoaked, inexpensive fruit-forward red wine, usually from the province of Rioja in Spain and of the Tempranillo or Grenache varieties; other reds that work well include French wines such as Gamay or Beaujolais, and Italian wines such as Grignolino, Bardolino, Dolcetto, Freisa, or Lambrusco. chopped or sliced fruit (often orange, lemon, apple, peach, berries, pineapple; occasionally melon, grape, or mango) a sweetener such as honey, sugar, simple syrup, orange juice, and/or fruit nectar a small amount of added brandy, triple sec, or other spirits and ice and carbonated soda, in some recipes

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