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A shooter (or shot) is a one- to four-ounce alcoholic beverage. It may consist of one type of alcohol or a cocktail of different alcohols, often mixed with other beverages. Shooters can be shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured. Shot glasses or sherry glasses are the usual drinkware from which shooters are served.

A shooter is most commonly served at a bar. Some bartenders may have their own signature shooter. Shooters, like most cocktails, may vary in their ingredients from bartender to bartender, and from region to region. Two creations may share the same name, but taste very different from each other due to differences in how the drink is prepared. Shooters are often drunk quickly and with groups of people while celebrating.

Some drinks are commonly prepared either as normal-sized cocktails or as shooters, such as the kamikaze or the lemon drop; others are specifically designed as shooters, such as the B-52.

The names of shooters are quite varied and may incorporate vulgarities for shock value (e.g., Cocksucking Cowboy) and word of mouth exposure. Names are commonly drawn from pop culture, brand names (e.g., Galliano Hot Shot), people, history (e.g., Irish Car Bomb), taste (e.g., Cement mixer or Chocolate Cake), or perceived effect (e.g., Snake Bite).

Another type of shooter uses a lowball glass and a shot glass. The shot glass is placed inside the lowball and each is filled. The center shot typically holds the 'stronger' of the two beverages. Disposable Bomb Cups have become popular. These plastic disposable cups have built-in shot glasses in the center. Jägerbomb is an example of shots poured in this type of cup.

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