Southern Comfort Recipes 2

Booster Blaster
Brain Blender
Breath of God
Brian Auel
British Comfort
Bubble Gum 2
Bubble Gum Shaker
Bull Kick
Burning Demon Piss
Buttery So-Co
California Rattle Snake
Calla Cab
Cajun Comforter
Carpet Licker
Category 5
Cave In
Cherry Blow Pop
Cherry Kick Coke
Cherry Lifesaver
Cherry Over The Edge
Chi Phi
Christmas Pudding
Coko Passion
Cold Comfort Cofffee
Colorado Bull Fucker
Colorado Coolaid
Columbian Necktie
Comfort Driver
Comfort Dry Manhattan
Comfort Tiger
Comfortable Coffee Cocktail
Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall
Comfortable Mariah
Comfortable Melons
Comfortable Nut
Comfortable White
Comforting Coffee
Confederate Kool-Aid

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