Southern Comfort Drink Recipes

Kentucky Wild Dog
Kill Bill
Killer Vacation
Kinky Sex
Kool Aid Boulder Style
Kung Fu Kicker
Lion Tamer
Lion Tamer #2
Liquid Cocaine Top Shelf
Liquid Cocaine #2
Liquid Cocaine #5
Liquid Cocaine 8 Ball
Liquid Coma
Liquid Jecktar
Liquid Panty Remover # 3
Lone Wolf
Long River Tea
Long Summer Night
Louie Louie
Louisiana Well Water
Love Greneade
Low Lattitude Lust
Lucky Seven
Ludwig And The Gang
Mack 10
Mafia's Kiss
Mahwah Iced Tea
Mail Man's Daughter
Mamie Taylor
Mango Marimba
Marias Delight
Martin's Rum Orange Punch
Maryville Sweet
Mellow Yellow
Mississippi Mud

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