Stroh 80 Rum

Strictly speaking, the Stroh 80 Rum is not quintessentially German as this spirit is brewed in neighboring Austria by Stroh Austria GmbH. Nevertheless, Stroh 80 Rum makes it to this listing because of its immense popularity in Deutschland. Stroh 80 Rum is actually a misnomer as the spirit is brewed by adding dyes and flavors to diluted ethanol instead of sugarcane molasses. It is an intense spirit containing essences of different spices and herbs and tastes divine when added to warm chocolate. You detect whiffs of butterscotch, potpourri, Demerara sugar with subtle notes of treacle and molasses. The finish is musty and extensive on the palate with hints of sweetness, nutmeg, and cloves. n Europe it is available in its full five variants: Stroh 38, Stroh 40, Stroh 54, Stroh 60 and Stroh 80 (representing alcohol by volume and corresponding to 76, 80, 108, 120 and 160 proof (US) respectively). Stroh products are internationally sold and are available in more than 40 countries

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