The Name Game

Another good "get to know ya'" kind of game. Mid buzz factor. Only the standard supplies are needed: people and beer.

Everybody sits in a circle, (isn't this how most games start?) and someone starts by saying the name of someone famous, or pretty close to being famous as far as those people are concerned.

The next person says a name that starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous name. Sound confusing? Not really.

Mel Brooks | Bart Simpson | Sam Donaldson | Dick Vitale | Vincent Price | Pat Robertson | Rick Mears | Michelle Pfeiffer

If a player can't think of a name IMMEDIATELY, they must consume for the DURATION until they can think of an appropriate name.

Play never stops, it is always moving. Now, if someone says a name that begins with the same letter on first and last names (ie: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse) or is a single name (ie: Madonna, Cher) then the direction of the circle reserves.

For example:

Michelle Pfeiffer | Patty Duke | Donald Duck | (direction change) Davy Jones | Jesus (direction change) | Jim Morrison | Mike Tyson

and so on.

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