Women Dress to Attract

While the particular rule of dress certainly varies from club to club, one universal truth applies to females: the cuter and more attractive, the better. Miniskirts, and cute, feminine blouses is for most ladies, though some girls may choose to spice up their appearance with bright, colorful accessories. The lighting in nightclubs is rarely conducive to showing off small, subtle items like diamond stud earrings or dainty bracelets, and this visual shortfall gives rise to the greater popularity of oversized accessories like necklaces, pendants and rings. Clothing and accessories should be flexible to easy movement during dancing and should not be thick and heavy to encourage perspiration in an already warm environment. For this reason, linen is an ideal fabric for pants and tops alike, though ladies should use caution to ensure the thin fabric does not make unwanted revelations. Miniskirts and silk blouses may be the norm for almost any club, though pants and even dresses may better suit nightclubs with varying atmosphere. In general, female club goers should steer clear of jeans and, especially, tee shirts, though this selection may be somewhat more acceptable (and more at home) in a country-and-western-themed club.

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