A disappointing surprise!

by Laura

Picture this. It was snowing like crazy. It was in the middle of the night with all of us sitting around a bon fire. The boys were riding 4 wheelers and sledding. We were taking pictures of people and uploading them on facebook. It was a fun night!

School was cancelled for the third day in a row and the fourth was very likely. We had beer and red hot fireball. That was the first time I had had red hot fireball. I love fireballs (the candy) and hot and spicy foods. I will add hot pepper sauce to almost any food I am eating. My sister’s boyfriend did not know this about me. He didn’t know it but his surprise was about to be a let down.

Toward the end of the night I walked into the house. Before I left, he said he was going to give me a shot of fireball. I didn’t think anything of it because that is what we were doing all night. When I came out he handed me the bottle of fireball and I took a drink. He said, “That’s not enough take another drink.” I said to wait its burning my throat a little bit. I proceeded to take a drink and as I did he pulled the bottle up so I would take a large drink. It was hot indeed, but really good.

At this point, he told me he had put hot sauce in it. He is a part-time bartender on the side because he enjoys doing it. He told me he puts the hot sauce in people’s drinks just to see their faces. Sometime he tells them and sometimes he doesn’t.

To his surprise I said I liked it. He was a little disappointed but being a man he didn’t show it.

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