Mamont Vodka

Hailing from one of Siberia’s oldest distilleries, this tipple is produced using well water from the mountainous Altai region. In fact, the Itkul Distillery is the only one in the whole of Russia to produce alcohol from pure malt. And like the scenery from whence it hails, this vodka is fresh, clean and crisp. Made from white winter wheat, and six times distilled for a smooth flavour, it’s been filtered through silver birch charcoal. It all results in a vodka that’s very fresh, clean and with something a little cotton-like, or green on the nose. To sip, it’s expansive, coating the whole of the mouth, and with a hot, dry finish. Add a small squeeze of lime when mixed to really bring out those flavours. The bottle is inspired by the tusk of a mammoth found frozen near the distillery, in case you were wondering. Throw this in the freezer to serve ice-cold